If you follow the Whole30 mood calendars, like the above from Whole30.com, you know that days 10-11 are considered the hardest to get through. In fact, a high percentage of people quit during these next couple of days. But not us and not you!

There’s a reason we say only delicious resolutions last! We know that in order to not just survive, but thrive on this Whole30 experience, we need to eat delicious and filling meals that help us forget we’re cleansing. There are a lot of great resources and bloggers who’ve created some next-level recipes that have kept me going. Here are some of my favorites:


The good thing about Whole30 is that you can eat eggs and potatoes, so a simple breakfast is easy to make and enjoy. For those of us on the go, I truly love these Egg Muffins and not just because my husband created the recipe! They’re simple to make and keep really well so you can eat them throughout the week.

I also love this Breakfast Casserole from Paleorunningmomma.com It tastes amazing and is a great recipe to prep on a Sunday and eat throughout the week.


Lunch has been the toughest for me, how about you? Luckily our Organic Oven Roasted Turkey and Organic Smoked Turkey items are Whole30 compliant and can help turn a simple salad into a protein-packed, filing lunch. Try our Loaded Chef’s Salad recipe, minus the cheese. Never fear, this salad has so much flavor you won’t miss it!

Another go-to is this Avocado Chicken Salad with Bacon, from Wholesomelicious.com. I like to use our Thick Cut Chicken to speed up the prep time. It’s honestly so good I like to eat it right out of the bowl.


There are a ton of yummy Whole30 dinner recipes out there. Of course, it has to be tasty and satisfy, but I am also a fan of dinners that allow me to squeeze out the next day’s lunch, too!

I’m currently loving our Shepherd’s Pie recipe made with our Sweet Italian Chicken Sausage. It’s quickly becoming a weekly staple. And since it’s been a bit cold here in California, the perfect weather for some Whole30 soups. My two current favorites are both from Alex Snodgrass from the Defined Dish blog. The Instapot Chicken and “Rice” Soup and the 5-Ingredient Green Chile Stew are not only deliciously warming, but easy to make and great for meal prep days.

I hope these recipes help keep you on track during these “dark days” as they call them in the Whole30 circles! I would love to hear your favorite recipes, so let us know in the comments below.

May your next week of Whole30 be a tasty one!