This year’s back-to-school season will be unique for each family in 2020. According to a recent survey, the majority of US parents (78%) said their school year has been affected by COVID-19. Only 19% of respondents said their children will be going back to school in-person full time, with 42% choosing online-only instruction and 39% opting for a combination of the two. There’s no right choice for back to school this year, and we’re all making the best decisions we can. Here’s to doing our best with a tough situation!

Regardless of what “back to school” looks like for your family this year, one thing is a constant: your kids gotta eat. Our Oven Roasted Turkey and Uncured Black Forest Ham snack packs are a fun, easy way to prepare lunch for hungry kids. One pack fits perfectly into a lunch box, and is equally fun to arrange on a snack plate. Pro tip: add some crackers and sliced cheese so your little ones can make their own “lunchables”. You can also thinly slice a baguette and let your kids make “fairy sandwiches” to keep them busy and fed!

Hot dogs are another simple way to feed kids when everyone is busy. Our hot dogs are great to keep in the fridge, and can can be heated for a quick dinner for hungry kiddos (and their parents!). Our hot dogs are made without any added nitrites/nitrates or preservatives, and they’re always antibiotic-free.

We know how often kids need to be fed, and how quickly they get hungry again. Quick, healthy (and delicious!) solutions is what we’re all about. When you know your kids will enjoy their food, that’s one less item on your to-do list.

One last quick tip: having coloring supplies on hand can go a long way toward keeping kids busy while you prepare meals. Our Coloring Book & Activity Sheet is super simple to print out at home! Click here to download the printable PDF, and be sure to review our tips for making sure art time is a happy experience for all involved. (Hint: snacks are involved.)

We wish everyone the best of luck this year!