Today is National Coloring Book Day! We decided to celebrate by creating our very own coloring book for your kids (or grandkids!) to enjoy. Simply download the PDF at the link below (right-click or option-click to save), print it out on your home printer, and let your littles go to work.


Here are a few tips we’ve learned over the years for making the most out of coloring time.

  • Sharpen your colored pencils and before you begin. Taking the time to prepare art supplies will make any art project more fun for the kiddos. It’s also a good idea to toss any old, dry markers from the box. Nobody likes to color with yucky supplies!
  • Make sure the surface underneath the coloring page is clean. Avoid upsets and meltdowns by wiping down the table, countertop, or other surface where the kids will be coloring. Is there anything worse than spending time making something you’re proud of, only to discover a giant stain or oil spot ruining all your hard work? Coloring is serious business, and a ruined masterpiece can be really frustrating. Be sure to dry the surface thoroughly, too!
  • Set your kids up for success for making sure their tummies are full. We’ve saved the most important tip for last: snacks! Making sure the kiddos have recently eaten will go a long way for their (and your) happiness. We’re big fans of healthy snacks here at True Story. One of our favorite simple snacks is a plate with some fresh grapes, sliced cheese, and either our Uncured Black Forest Ham or Oven Roasted Turkey Breast Snack Packs. These are so much fun! Kids love to make “lunchables” with them, and we love the clean ingredients and delicious flavor. When it comes to keeping kids happy and full, a healthy snack plate can go a long way! Just make sure their hands are clean and dry before they begin their coloring session.
  • We hope you’ll share your kids’ completed artwork with us on social media! Simply post to Facebook or Instagram and use the hashtag #truestorykids so we can see their masterpieces.

    If they need inspiration, here are a handful of finished pages completed by some of the kids in our True Story family. These were so much fun for them to create!

    We can’t wait to see what you post to #truestorykids so we can share in the fun!