I decided to do a Whole30 in the new year after feeling sluggish after the holiday season and heading into new year’s eve. I knew I wanted to kick-start my healthy eating in a way that wouldn’t allow for backsliding into my old take out habits. Having done a Whole30 before, I know that doing it again will improve my skin, promote better sleep, and help me get out of the end of year funk I’ve been feeling.

That said, it’s been a while since my last Whole30, so I needed a quick refresh on what I needed to do to get started. The Whole30 website was my first stop. It has shopping lists, meal planners and pretty much everything you need to get started. You can also sign up for emails that offer encouragement, recipe ideas and tough love for those days when you might want to give up.

My next stop was to some of my favorite bloggers and recipe creators who know how to make Whole30 meals that are tasty and easy to prep ahead of time. Here are links to some of my favorites, and in some cases, my lifesavers:

Paleo Running Mama
Cook By Color

I also reached out to Rosie Hatch, who makes most of the flavorful recipes on our website, to ask for some ideas. She did not disappoint. Her Shepherd’s Pie recipe is the first dinner I’ll make on my Whole30 journey.

And finally, I went back to review some of my favorite Whole30 brands that I can count on to help me through the next 30 days. I’ll share more of them over the next few weeks but will start with my go-to True Story, Whole30 compliant items. They are:

Organic Oven Roasted Turkey Breast
Organic Smoked Turkey Breast
Organic Sweet Italian Chicken Sausage
Organic Oven Roasted Thick Cut Chicken
Non-GMO Oven Roasted Turkey Snack Packs

So, whether this is your first Whole30 or you’re trying something else like Keto or the 21-Day Sugar Detox, I would love to share my journey with you and to hear your thoughts and suggestions on what is working for you. Because we all know, only delicious resolutions last.