We’ve officially made it through the halfway mark of our January Whole30 reset. Recipes like the ones I shared in my last post, really made it easy to plan ahead and eat delicious food. That’s really what it’s about. If the food is full of flavor and fills me up, it makes the lack of some things easier to swallow. Pun intended!

While I’ve done Whole30 before, this time around my biggest takeaway on this journey so far is the realization that I can cook! Being the wife of a chef, I didn’t do much cooking at home before we started our Whole30 journey. And to be fair, when we met my oven was used for storage and not cooking. But taking charge of our Whole30 meal planning and cooking more over the last few weeks has been a confidence booster. The True Story recipes have been easy to follow, and I’ve discovered some great cookbooks including The Defined Dishh and The Whole Smiths Good Food Cookbook. My favorite recipe so far has been the 10-minute mashed potatoes in the Instapot!

As we head into week three, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Week three is notably hard as the boredom and cravings can come on strong, knowing that you’re almost finished. My advice is to mix things up and try some new veggies and meats that may not be on your radar. I’m planning to add in some crab and other seafood to my weekly meal plan. I’m also going to try a parsnip and carrot combo to limit some of the potatoes I’ve been eating. I’m also excited about this Winter Vegetable Skillet with Sausage recipe that we just added to the recipe section on our site. Give it a go and let us know what you think.

Here’s to your continued success on your third week of our Whole30 journey!