Pasture Raised Hot Dogs

Pasture Raised Old Fashioned Uncured Beef Hot Dog

Pasture raised, hand-trimmed beef and a unique blend of spices give our uncured hot dogs the perfect savory snap.

With years of careful research behind him — he is, after all, 11 1/2 — he considers himself something of a hot dog connoisseur. Based on exhaustive testing, he’s determined that plump Old Fashioned franks are the pinnacle of perfection. Their dog to bun ratio is just right and so is their savory, juicy bite. Just thinking about them plopped in a bun and topped with straight line of ketchup makes him hungry. “Hey, mom,” he shouts outside. “What’s for dinner?”

Pasture Raised Uncured Beef Hot Dog

Our pasture raised, all-beef franks are uncured and skinless — each bite pops with deliciousness thanks to our signature seasonings.

He’s in such a hurry to buy these all-beef dogs that he loses track of how many packages he throws in the cart. The guys already started the grill and he’s in charge of the main event. The franks. The wieners. The links de resistance. He knows if he doesn’t buy enough, he’ll never hear the end of it. He tosses in some buns, ketchup, mustard and, on a whim, some sauerkraut (ya never know.) He sends a text, “Got ‘em! Time to party!”