Organic Deli Meats

Organic Oven Roasted Chicken Breast

Slow-roasted to savory goodness with a dash of sea salt and fresh cracked pepper, our sustainably farmed organic chicken forks over great flavor in every yummy slice.

Just back from the gym, ravenous, she piled fresh baby spinach into a big bowl. Nibbling as she went, she added organic chicken slices, perfectly moist and naturally seasoned with salt and pepper. Atop those went crumbled feta, halved cherry tomatoes, kalamata olives, and cucumber slices. Drizzled with her favorite dressing, dinner was ready in record time. So many other possibilities ... curried chicken salad, quesadillas, or a healthy after-school snack.

Organic Uncured Applewood Smoked Ham

Rubbed with brown sugar for a lick of sweetness and then slow-smoked over Applewood, our sustainably farmed organic ham piles on savoriness in every bite.

Soccer Saturdays are busy, but making tasty ham sandwiches for the kids to eat after the game is always worth the effort. She swiftly sliced the rolls, slathered them with mustard, piled them high with ham, cheddar cheese, lettuce, and tomato, and packaged them for the cooler. Then she cut herself a stick of cheddar and wrapped a ham slice around it. As she walked out of the kitchen, cooler in hand, she took a hurried bite and stopped in the doorway to enjoy the moment.

Organic Oven Roasted Turkey Breast

Our sustainably farmed organic turkey breast is rubbed with sea salt, then slow roasted to juicy scrumptiousness.

She spread the roll lightly with mustard, and added organic turkey. She piled on dill pickle, a thick slab of a ripe tomato, and a touch of salt. Placing the top on the mouth-watering sandwich, she pressed down lightly, picked it up, and took a big bite, chewing slowly to delight in the blend of flavors. Putting the sandwich on a plate, she walked into the dining room to sit down. Mmmm ... tomorrow's lunch ... smoked turkey quesadilla with spicy salsa and jack cheese.

Organic Smoked Turkey Breast

Sea salt and hours smoked over Applewood, make our sustainably raised organic turkey breast a go-to favorite.

He celebrates Thanksgiving at least once every two weeks. (Sometimes more depending on how often he gets to the store.) The feast takes him five minutes to pull together as opposed to his husband’s annual prep-and-cook marathon. He cuts a fresh-baked roll and sweeps it with mayo. Then he piles on a cushion of spring greens, two (OK, sometimes four) slices of Organic Smoked Turkey and finally a (very) big dollop of cranberry chutney. A masterpiece…all year long.

Organic Uncured Italian Dry Salame

​Sustainably raised pork blended with cracked pepper, spices and a splash of red wine make our air-dried salame a hit every time.​

The guests are about to arrive and, as always, she’s running late. She unwraps the Manchego and places it next to the olives, roasted artichokes and cornichons. Then she opens the real star of the antipasto platter — organic salame. She pops one in her mouth to be sure it’s, you know, delicious. Why yes, it is! She eats two more to confirm her findings. Yep, definitely great. She spreads out the rest. There’s a knock at the door. A quick look, and she turns the handle.

Organic Uncured Pork Pepperoni

Sustainably raised pork, a dash of paprika and a lick of cayenne give our organic pepperoni a full-bodied, slightly smoky finish.

Once the twins discovered the wonders of pepperoni, there was no going back to cheese-only. Those days were over. They stretched out the pizza dough (squabbling only once in the process.) She spreads the sauce. He’s in charge of the Mozzarella. They share in the flinging of the pepperoni. Their mom says that if they don’t use it all, she’ll toss the rest with pasta and herbs for tomorrow’s dinner. The kids look at one another. Not use it all? Who was she kidding?