Non-GMO Deli Meats

Non-GMO Uncured Corned Beef

Sprinkled with sea salt, our uncured, non-GMO corned beef serves up deliciousness every time.

He’d had it with takeout. Just because they were working around the clock, didn’t mean they had to gnaw their way through pizza at 2 in the morning. He sliced open the rolls he bought earlier that day (or, more accurately, yesterday.) First he spread them with some mayo and mustard, then piled on a mountain of corned beef, which he’d (very cleverly, he thought) warmed in the microwave. (He kept some for a morning hash.) He then put on the tops and stuck them with chopsticks to keep them upright. Hey, guys, he said. Have at ‘em.

Non-GMO Oven Roasted Turkey Breast

Our non-GMO turkey breast is rubbed with sea salt, then slow roasted to juicy scrumptiousness.

She spread the roll lightly with mustard, and added organic turkey. She piled on dill pickle, a thick slab of a ripe tomato, and a touch of salt. Placing the top on the mouth-watering sandwich, she pressed down lightly, picked it up, and took a big bite, chewing slowly to delight in the blend of flavors. Putting the sandwich on a plate, she walked into the dining room to sit down. Mmmm ... tomorrow's lunch ... smoked turkey quesadilla with spicy salsa and jack cheese.

Non-GMO Smoked Turkey Breast

Smoked for hours to savory perfection with a sprinkle of sea salt, our non-GMO turkey serves up deliciousness in every slice.

He celebrates Thanksgiving at least once every two weeks. Sometimes more depending on how often he gets to the store.  And it takes about five minutes to pull together as opposed to his husband’s annual November prep-and-cook marathon. He cut open the fresh-baked roll and swept mayo on both sides. Then he piled on a cushion of spring greens, two (or, if he were being completely honest, four) slices of moist Smoked Turkey Breast and finally a (very) big dollop of cranberry chutney. A masterpiece … all year long.

Non-GMO Herb Roasted Chicken Breast

Our succulent chicken is rubbed with aromatic herbs and spices and then slow-roasted to juicy perfection.

It’s not like he was trying to out-do the other stay-at-home dads, but … you know … what’s a little competition between friends? He looked at his baby girl asleep in her bouncy seat, and then at the clock. Alright, man, you got this, he mumbled to himself. He threw the spring greens in a bowl, then chopped up a bunch of herby-chicken (saving some for mid-afternoon sandwich) and tossed on top. Next came tomatoes, diced scallions, a fistful of slivered almonds and a little poppy seed dressing. The doorbell rings. The baby startles awake. And we’re off!

Non-GMO Uncured Wildflower Honey & Maple Ham

Our non-GMO ham is brushed with a scrumptious glaze of wildflower honey, maple syrup, and brown sugar, and then slow roasted to perfection.

While preparing the kids' lunches he snuck a slice of Wildflower Honey & Maple Ham. Sweet and savory ... no wonder they liked it so much. Today's lunch would be a treat. He tucked a little ham inside a pita pocket, and added cherry tomatoes and cheddar, crisp lettuce, and a few slices of avocado. Tomorrow for breakfast he'd make their favorite: Honey Ham on an English muffin with a scrambled egg and cheese — all melty from the toaster oven.

Non-GMO Uncured Black Forest Ham

Rubbed with brown sugar for a lick of sweetness and then slow-smoked over Applewood, our non-GMO uncured ham serves up heaps of deliciousness.

His wife rolled her eyes when he brought home the Panini press.  “Bet you only use it once,” she said. Dozens of Panini later, she’s happily eating her words. He cut a loaf of Ciabatta in half horizontally and laid both sides on the counter. He brushed the right one with Dijon, then topped it with succulent Black Forest Ham (saving enough for tomorrow’s omelet), slices of cheddar and whole basil leaves. He put the left slice on top, popped the whole thing in the press and squeezed. The sizzle was music to his ears. His wife’s, too.

Non-GMO Uncured Beef Pastrami

Spice-rubbed for extra-zippy goodness, our uncured, non-GMO grass-fed beef pastrami piles on flavor in every bite.

After a 20-year hiatus, she forgot how much she liked packing school lunches. She laid out four slices of rye bread on the counter. As she swept mustard over two and piled the others with savory pastrami — saving the rest for tomorrow’s omelet — she called out to her grandsons. Remember your homework? Yup. Bus passes? Yup. I want to hear about the new friends you play with today, OK? OK.  She snapped shut the boxes and handed them to the boys. I love you so much, she said. Love you, too, they shouted, as they dashed out the door.

Non-GMO Uncured Pasture Raised Roast Beef

Rubbed with sea salt and fresh cracked pepper then roasted for hours, our sustainable roast beef serves up a tender bite.

The only problem she had with her new bring-lunch-to-work kick was figuring out how to keep crumbs out of the keyboard. Otherwise, she was sold. It helped that her lunches were delicious. Take, for example, today’s creation –– perfectly seasoned grass fed roast beef piled on a fresh Ciabatta roll. Delish. As she munched, she mulled over tomorrows menu. Beef and veggies with quinoa? An Asian beef slaw? Hmm. So many choices.